New Wasteland Version – Armajunkies 2016

Hello Junkies,  after many hours of work it is finally done. We proudly present our new Armajunkies-Wasteland-Mission. This Mission furthermore relies on A3-Wasteland. Our special thanks go to the developers of A3-Wasteland!!! Here is, what awaits you:  New sell-/service points, where you can resupply your vehicles. Gas stations have been taken out of service for[…]

Patchday! Arma version 1.54

Hitpoints This enhances the lethality of shots to unprotected parts of the body. The general objective is to strike a balance between passive soldier protection and active marksmanship skills. That extra second you invest in the deployment of your weapon or aiming precisely might mean the difference between life and death. Inventory slot It is[…]

Update 2.0.4 B14: Teargas

Hello Junkies, this update has some features and gameplay modifications: Crowd Control: Teargas You can buy Teargas grenades in the Gunstore. I used yellow smoke grenades, which will simulate the teargas Store Pricing Modifications Some Prices in the Stores have been changed. Reason: Teargas Store Item Modifications Fixed: a possible buy/sell exploit Removed Items – Heavy[…]

Fieldtests stopped!

Hi Junkies! The last few days we tested a new mission-type, The High Value Target, same as a new try to end the dishonorable roadkillings on purpose. The feedback of our users was largely negative, because the players behaviour was not as expected from us. Thats why we dicided to remove the HVT-Mission again. In[…]