Chernarus 1st Person & Missionupdate

Hi Junkies!
Some changes went live with our latest Mission-Update. Our awesome modders did a great job again and of course we wanna inform you about it.
The field-test on #2 showed us that the instance is more populated with First Person only, so we decided to bring it back for the HC-Lovers.
Beside some smaller Bug-Fixes the problem with the glitvhing in enemy bases directly after the restart is solved now. From now on the users are only able to connect when the server has loaded every single object.
There are some very interesting changes with the mission-crates. The load-out is completely over-worked and from now on there is a small chance to find very rare loot in the crates, that you can´t buy in the stores.
Next weekend we will have our annual Armajunkies Clan-Meeting in the near of Hannover / Germany, so the Support will be limited over the Easter-Days. Please use the Forum, Facebook or Discord if you have something to report. We will care about it directly when we are back home.
We wish you some nice Easter-days! Take care and see you soon! | Your Arma 3 Community!