27. September 2017

After many years without financial support and dependency, we decided now to accept donations. This is not a donation according to German tax law, it is just a gift. You won’t receive any donation receipt.

With your donation, we can maintain our project in the long term. All donations are 100% used for our Arma Servers. Obviously, there is NO benefit from a donation. We do not turn a blind eye to any misconduct, nor are there any bonus items.

There are two ways to donate. For both you need a PayPal account.


Option 1 (preferred):

You can easily and comfortably send money to friends/acquaintances. Our e-mail address is: This option has the advantage, that there are no PayPal charges.


Option 2:

Here you have the possibility to donate through the donation button of PayPal. However, a small fee is charged, which is deducted in the background from the donation amount. Small sample: You donate 10€, after deduction of the fees (1.5% + 0.35 €) we get 9.50 €. If you have a PayPal account, it is recommended to use the option above without fees.