Tank DLC

Hey Junkies, the Tank DLC will be released tomorrow and therefore a lot of changes will be enrolled today! Here a short overview for you: [Added] Tanks DLC Stuff [Added] 3rd column in vehicle store for parts [Added] Smoke launchers to armored driver/gunner seats [Added] Xian Unarmed [Added] BIG and ANGRY choppers to heli missions[…]

We are back!

Hey Armajunkies, we are back again! Some of you, were able to read our WhatHadHappened Post yesterday. Within 24 hours our hoster responded to our summary of acts, changed the hard drives and installed a new operating system. We regret that we first had to put a summary of our actions online to get our[…]

Server Issues [SOLVED]

[SOLVED] 02.02.2018 00:05 Done! Enjoy the new day! I need some sleep now… Maybe some Downtimes within the next days.   Hi Junkies! After five years of non-stop operation, one of our windows server components is out of order now. All AJ-instances will be back as soon as possible but as you can imagine, this[…]

Update 1.70! #JetDLC

Hi Junkies! The Arma-Update 1.70 is live now. Our Servers are updated and the new Jets are ready for takeoff. If you want to use them, you need to have the Jets DLC. Of course you can still join our servers if you dont own the new DLC. Please keep in mind that every update[…]