Armajunkies Ironfront 1944 Wasteland

From: Project Lead To: AJ Wasteland Users Info: Armajunkies Ironfront 1944 Wasteland   Hi Junkies! As a little surprise for the weekend, we just made live the #2 Server. The Mission “Ironfront 1944” brings you to the polish province of Baranow, just into the horrors of World War II. The mission is based on A3[…]

Armajunkies EXILE!

Hi Junkies, our modders worked on a new project over the last few weeks with the working title “Project Epsilon”. After numerous tests we´re now at the point to launch the server now and make it official. We proudly present: Armajunkies Exile Similar to Wasteland, Exile is an Open World Survival-Mod. As a convict you[…]

Arma 3 Birthday – 3 years

Hi Junkies! On Saturday, March 5rd 2016, Arma 3 is celebrating its 3.Birthday. On March 5rd 2013 the early Alpha was released on Steam and I bought the game directly on the first day. Until that day I just played Operation Flashpoint 10 years ago but never played a game of the Arma-series before. Now,[…]