[EVENT] Operation Wallenstein

Hi Junkies,

on this sunday, I will be playing my 6.000th Arma-hour on our server and of course we want to celebrate this again with all of you. The Special-Event is called „Operation Wallenstein“ and will be live after the 6pm restart ( Berlin time ) on Server #1.
I´d like to take the chance to say „Thank you“ to my awesome clan and the amazing Armajunkie-Team. I am very proud to be a part of this project and to have so many great people at my side. Thank you very much! Its a big honor for me!

After the failed attempted coup executed by opposition-leader Adrianos Kosmas, he was kidnapped by forces of the Armajunkie-Group. At the moment he is kept on an unknown military-base on the isle of Altis and is guarded by a big group of enemy forces.
The target with the Codename „master“ has to be rescued and must be escorted to a safe extraction point. Attention: The highest priority is to keep the target alive. The resistance movement will pay a reward of 2.000.000$ to the group or to the fighter that saves the target.

Thanks to all of you!!!

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