Mission Idea - Centurion AA

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Mission Idea - Centurion AA

Post by Reinhard » Fri 17. Nov 2017, 20:44

I was bored and wanted to build something. I'll gladly provide the save file when needed. Have fun writing feedback. :3

Maybe I should also note that I'm aware of some potential problems with AI recognition, maybe there will be workarounds or improvements in the future until then this might be just concept art.


Sloppy video footage: https://webmshare.com/play/My0rb

The emphasis is clearly to disrupt supersonic jet’s from independent forces temporarily in the surrounding area during the duration of the mission.

The Mk-21 Centurion SAM itself is indestructible and needs to be disabled via a laptop inside the small control room. Maybe it’s also possible to resupply or simply spawn a new centurion when the ammo is depleted via the laptop. This could also be a capture zone or blufor base with a small monetary reward when occupied. It spawns with one MK30 HMG 50. Cal. to assist it’s defendants. The mission is completed by hacking the laptop and should despawn after 5 mins.

Unlike the Praetorian the Centurion won’t engage ground vehicles. An autonomous Praetorian i.e. would infinitely continue to shoot at heavy tanks which it wouldn’t be able to penetrate and Spartan SAM missiles won't catch up with fast movers.

This concept is designed for Altis and shouldn’t be placed in deep valleys which lets attackers snipe it’s defenders like on a hot plate from every surrounding mountain.

With just 36 building props it’s very performance friendly and easy to place due to its foundational structure. Infiltrating forces are expected to use two ramps leading into the structure. The ghost hotel pool acts as a second layer of defense which should offer an interesting experience for both sides.

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