Some nuggets picked up here and there

Neue Feature für unseren Arma 3 Wasteland Server?
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Some nuggets picked up here and there

Post by JGJG » Fri 20. Aug 2021, 15:27

Hello, we've been playing for a while with a lot of different people and these are the ideas being thrown around, that I actually remember.

1) Different mission locations. We figure it would be next to impossible to have random, generated mission spawn locations, but changing them would certainly be welcome from everyone.

2) Putting stuff from "`" menu into crates, like accidentally picked up artillery strike, energy drinks etc.

3) I think the original idea was "death squads", who try to hunt down players for a certain amount of time. The player at the top of points chart for that game would be more likely to be hunted. I would just love the basic Hostile missions only on land. Like hostile heli or hostile jet missions, only with ground troops. Couple of high level, high danger lvl tanks in search and destroy pattern, 20 AI with mech support combing areas, drawn to players, completed missions, explosions, the usual stuff, only on ground.

4) Harder roadblocks with support. Like an apc guarding the checkpoint, QRF force coming in after being attacked, AI gunship air support etc. And spread them out. Maybe add some sturdier cover for the AI. Now it just takes one burst from GMG and the mission is done.

5) Put hostage inside of a house, since people just go right ahead and shoot that poor bastard to clear way for other money missions. Nobody negotiates with terrorists :lol: But yea been a while since I've seen anyone doing them, except for some people who just loves statics and then whole mountaintops are covered by them :twisted:

Don't know how realistic these are, nobody expects anything to be implemented etc., I just thought it can't hurt to write these down ;)

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Re: Some nuggets picked up here and there

Post by Staynex » Tue 24. Aug 2021, 09:18


just some thoughts about your thoughts. Unfortunately I have totally no spare time to invest, currently. But for other devs and maybe for the future some Dev-Notes:

1) It is theoretically possible to get random mission spawns. There are functions to generate random numbers. From this you can generate a random x-y coordinate. From this location you can use to get a location that suits the mission (e.g. beach, shore, water, forrest, rocks, ...). Afterwards it need to be checked for near bases, objects, etc. If there are objects search for another location until requirements are fullfilled. The nearestLocations command may lead to some lags during runtime, therefore the locations should be created at mission startup once. The idea of random mission spawns is an old idea in my head, that I want to complete one time.

2) Also possible. "Just" need another button and to find the crate. Then just transfer the item like dropping on ground function.

3) From a Dev view: Totally possible. Just add a new mission file and change their config.

4) For an APC, the config file needs some tweaks. No big issue. QRF Force that are spawning in case of an attack need some more complex work, as the mission controller is not suitable for this as far as I know. Anyway, nice idea!

5) I also dont like the hostage mission that is spawning on a field. It is boring. Inside a town this would become more fun I guess.

Greetings from Bavaria

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