Money Gone after garage Bug

Du hast Probleme, oder Dir ist ein Fehler aufgefallen?
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Money Gone after garage Bug

Post by Killernager » Thu 13. Jun 2019, 16:13

Hello everyone,

thanks that u fixed the garages again, but i am missing now money that i earned in the while. Yesterday i had 230k+ and now i am back to 113k, i dont bought heavy items or tanks that i miss so much money but why is it gone and can i get it back or is it to less?

Ingame name: Killernager
Steam 64ID: 76561198024146018
GUID: 1d46981579b4f5e6f372f9f1d9c441cb

Thank you in advance

Screenshot from today:
Screenshot from Tuesday (the last screen that I did, u know pose after successful mission):

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