Old markers on the map after logging in

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Old markers on the map after logging in

Post by Stack » Sun 24. May 2020, 20:31

Sometimes, when I log in to the game, I can see some markers already on the map that must have been placed by another group of people. This is an issue because, more often than not, people mark their hidden stashes on the map, oblivious of the fact that someone can then just see them.

It looks like the groups are kind of "recycled" when all the people from that group leave the game and then assigned to new players, but the markers put on the map are not removed when recycling.

Also, possibly related: I've seen someone complaining that they joined the game and they were able to spawn on a beacon that wasn't theirs, so I guess this might be the same issue.

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Re: Old markers on the map after logging in

Post by LordTyrion » Mon 25. May 2020, 17:36

As far as I know its caused in some instances when you take the place of another player in the player slots (the one you can choose in the server lobby) if he had some marks on the map.
Best if always if you delete your marks when you stop playing for the day/restart.

Never heard of the spawn beacon issue until now, maybe something new...
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