Tanoa Wasteland - Body disappears on death

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Tanoa Wasteland - Body disappears on death

Post by stagnantlamp » Wed 21. Jul 2021, 18:14

NOTE: This Bug report is for the Tanoa Wasteland server, I am not aware if such an issue exists on the other servers that are owned by Armajunkies.

Problem: When a player dies, their body normally drops to the ground and the stuff from that body can normally be retrieved by the player themselves or others. However while playing for the last couple of weeks me and the other people that I play with have noticed that on occasion, some of our body's go missing on death while others don't. I've found the issue is most common with helicopters when they crash but I wouldn't exclude other vehicle types from the list.
This has become a consistent issue and can be very frustrating for players, especially when some of the gear that people have can cost a small fortune to replace.

I hope I have brought this problem to your attention in a manner that is suitable to you.
I eagerly await for your response, Regards - Stagnantlamp

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