unban request

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unban request

Post by ZeHiR » Wed 15. Jul 2020, 18:22

I was ban a long time ago. I can't remember why.
i started playing arma again so it would be nice to remove the ban.
I don't now what i've done to be ban but it was certainly stupid so i apologize.

Thank you

Username: ZeHiR_ or Controleur i can't remember
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Re: unban request

Post by Xerxio » Thu 16. Jul 2020, 20:47

You have been banned with the notice: "Visit TS3.Armajunkies.de /m"

this means that master wanted to talk to you in TS to clarify a situation. Normally if you join TS you speak about the situation and the ban is removed afterwards. But I assume now, it may be difficult to remember the situation.

you have to contact master.


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