Plea for an unban

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Plea for an unban

Post by YTBFenrir » Fri 29. Apr 2022, 11:43

I recently had a complication where me and my team replied to a derogatory or insulting chat with our own insulting chat. Two of us incl me were banned. One of us was not. The details of the exchange with (what I believe was) an admin at the time from my friend still in the server seemed to point to the point that nobody else said anything in chat and we were then effectively insulting each other. Henceforth I promise to keep A) my mouth shut and act civilized B) my friends' mouths shut (assuming we get the pardon at all or that they wish to post their own apology). I realize our actions were childish but we do wish to have it known that we were not the party that started the confrontation. This is really the main and best Wasteland server/community we've played on and therefore would like the opportunity to do it once more.

Best regards from the YTB community

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Re: Plea for an unban

Post by master » Wed 4. May 2022, 13:48


Please visit our teamspeak-channel and contact me.

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Re: Plea for an unban

Post by Xerxio » Wed 4. May 2022, 17:46

Happened 24.04.2022:

21:32:17 : Side: Haagen: Hey Fwewnrir can I come back and take my stuff?
21:32:26 : Global: karll: lmaoooo suck it
21:33:04 : Group: .Sleepy: Back
21:33:08 : Side: Haagen: karl? is somone talking with you?
21:33:21 : Side: (YTB)Fenrir: yes, your mother, every night
21:33:27 : Global: karll: nah your mom cant be possibly as my cock is stuck in her throat

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