Unban request.

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Unban request.

Post by xFlu » Wed 24. Apr 2019, 21:05

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I was banned a couple of weeks ago or so for driving inside a base. I was playing with a friend who I believe also got banned for the same reason and we were in an SUV. We were coming from Athira, trying to look for a helicopter. Then, we started seeing tanks and helis floating at the end of the runway when we were at the terminal, where we got banned. I logged on the TS and spoke to an admin and he said that we got reported for going inside a base. The problem was that there were supposed to be walls preventing us from getting in the airfield, but me and my friend (his username is CptUnknown) could not see any walls, hence our entry with the SUV in the terminal. After we explained that to the admin , he told me that I would be unbanned since this might have been a bug but it has been weeks since then and I am still banned. Unfortunately, neither I nor my friend have a recording to prove that the walls were actually invinsible.
Thank you for your time,

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