ESP using, cheating

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ESP using, cheating

Post by Sadry » Sun 12. Jul 2020, 20:44

Today we were looking for cheaters with my friend, we simply put one guy in BLUFOR and rest would stay in INDEPENDENT. Blufor guy would share possition of enemy in blue team and rest would try to get to them (we weren't killing anyone), on the way we were checking their reactions. So we came across guy called Dác'Cong, he always knew where we were at and was running away from us. After 10 minute chase he disconnected saying "old trick". Clearly he knew, where was our possition the whole time so we would love to get him banned since he was clever enough to hide it in front of admins.
And it finished here
And it finished here
15945865557407405382632721761296.jpg (8.61 MiB) Viewed 324 times
Brief drawing of his route
Brief drawing of his route
15945864564502478497849801825561.jpg (7.04 MiB) Viewed 324 times

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Re: ESP using, cheating

Post by BobitoFinito » Mon 13. Jul 2020, 07:29

- easy blueFor hunting disguised as "looking for cheaters"
- screenshots screen with another device

i would ban you guys :) but i'm not an admin.. so lets wait for their reaction :D

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Re: ESP using, cheating

Post by master » Mon 13. Jul 2020, 20:34


First of all, its not on the players to find cheaters, especially not with forbidden methods. So dont do this again and take this as a warning. We ban for that.

Player Dác'Cong is on the spectator-list and is free to give a statement here. At the moment I dont see a reason to ban,

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