Base Glitcher report

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Base Glitcher report

Post by CamperJo » Wed 15. Dec 2021, 02:08


I would like to report the player Kantaos Dimirovitch. I was watching him from the UAV drive up to the SFA Base on Altis overlooking the Abdera gunstore. He drove in the spawn jeep from Syrta, parked next to the airlock wall then glitched through the wall into the airlock. He ran around in the airlock for about 1-2minutes then realised he couldn't get out so committed suicide. I wasn't recording but took a screenshot the moment he committed suicide which showed his dead body and name on screen. He obviously didn't know the base was a new one and had no roof so could have flown inside it from the air but he is obviously still trying to glitch into bases and spoiling other peoples fun.

The time of death was 23:09 on the 14th December 2021. He glitched into the base about 2 minutes prior to that so should be on the logs.

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Re: Base Glitcher report

Post by Milpolalex » Sat 18. Dec 2021, 09:24

I want you to contact me when you see me online and give you a little thank you reward for taking your time making reports og people glitching into our base :)

Greetings. [SFA] Milpol Alex

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