Hostile Jets wayyy too strong.

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Hostile Jets wayyy too strong.

Post by OtoMoto » Sun 8. Oct 2017, 13:45

Can we have some lighter hostile jets, not flying death stars?
When they appeared jesterday they killed 2 players in anti air tanks, apc and more then 2 people in cars. On just one area of the map. This is insane nothing can fly or drive when they are up.
I lost a chopper just now and was spamming countermeasures one after another and it didnt help.
I fail to see how is this any fun?

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Re: Hostile Jets wayyy too strong.

Post by ECID » Mon 9. Oct 2017, 08:21

AFAIK this is dependent on the type of hostile jet that is spawned (being way to strong)

e.g. the AAF jets are not really problematic.
e.g. the To-201 Shikra is in the habit of creeping up on people due to speed, but also crashes into trees and mountains if you position yourself in/in-front.

I think this is a result of the 1.74 patch (or post patch). It was announced in SITREP #199:
One of the Arma 3's legacy issues connected to how AI spot and engage enemies is currently being addressed in Dev-Branch. Senior Programmer Krzysztof Bielawski spent some time operating in low-level areas of the RV Engine to refactor the Skill and Precision parameters of AI units. As a result, behavior of AI should now be more predictable. While the change might not seem that significant to our players, it actually allows for faster iterations to achieve desired results. The values of said parameters (ranged between 0 - 1) should roughly correspond with the previous setting. The real improvement lies in the predictability of AI skills. It should not take an enormous amount of time to precisely balance things out anymore. Technically speaking, we are also able to adjust the system in a much faster and cleaner way. As always, your feedback is more than welcome on Bohemia forums. Thanks to those who already posted their constructive notes!(...)

it is set via

There is this discussion on the BI forums, linked to by the guy who did the Ai refactor: ... nt-3220586

its seems to be related to

as per wiki:
  • Affects the AI ability to spot targets within it's visual or audible range (Higher value = more likely to spot)
  • Affects the accuracy of the information (Higher value = more accurate information)
And not so much to
Affects how quick the AI react to death, damage or observing an enemy (Higher value = quicker reaction)

This might be helpful as well: ... nt=3220897

This is an example of how it is handled in the ALive mod: ... nt=3221399
_isNight = sunOrMoon;

if (_isNight < 1) then {

_this setskill ["spotDistance", 0.08];
_this setskill ["spotTime", 0.07];

else {

_this setskill ["spotDistance", 0.45];
_this setskill ["spotTime", 0.09];


Basically using 0.45 for spot distance value.

If i am reading the thread right. They changed the curve of what values on the scale of/between low(0.2), medium (0.5) and high(1.0) do.
MAYBE the spotDistance might need to be reduced a little bit.

They also seem to have broken the aimingAccuracy with their update. Which seems to make AI into super human snipers. Maybe this is also good place to start tracing this issue down.

Hope that helps a bit, Ai can be quite frustrating since the latest patch in the right situations.

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Re: Hostile Jets wayyy too strong.

Post by OtoMoto » Mon 9. Oct 2017, 09:45

They engage at more then 5km.

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Re: Hostile Jets wayyy too strong.

Post by Staynex » Mon 9. Oct 2017, 15:44

@ECID: Thanks for you detailed post! :) We will investigate that further. Anyway, I am studying right now, so I am not at home until Christmas. Unfortunately I dont like programming on my shitty laptop (without a running arma).

I have created a ticket for this issue:

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