Provocation - ampathy no insult

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Provocation - ampathy no insult

Post by Ychains » Sat 23. Jun 2018, 18:29


I called a guy out for troling and got banned. so here goes: i killed a guy(enemy) who were caught in the middle of crossfire between me and a 2 men group. he took alot of fire power from both me and the other group (blood everywhere). so i wrote on the side chat "Poor bastard".

Than a player (whom i had killed earlier that day, that was not in the area, not part of any of the groups, writes in the chat that he will report me for insulting. ofcourse everyone involved in the incident would of understand that this is ampathy, not insult.

Infuriating. not me, not the guy i killed not the other group members, but a player who was not even present at the spot, blames me injustly for insulting!

Than, indeed, i responded badly to that player by calling him a "trol" and asking to mind his own buisness (there was 1 mention of the word "cunt" as well).

I care about my reputation and when someone falsely blames me for something in an extreme mistake that can hurt that reputation i respond same goes for TK.

He havent even apologised for this false accusation but only wrote : "il report you". discusting!!!

Although i respect this rule alot (and dont write an unban request), there are bigger values to protect than clean language, such as respecting other players, dont spread unfound roumors on a player in the side chat due to an event you have nothing to do with and you know nothing about! (thats troling and save it to your Facebook Account and Stay away from me (i dont even remember his name).

I wont ask you to ban him, but i defenitly dont enjoy the company of trolls.

Best Regards

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Re: Provocation - ampathy no insult

Post by master » Sun 24. Jun 2018, 12:41


You have been banned for 24 hours by Admin FranktheTank for calling another player a cunt. As a well known player I expect from you to know the rules and to act by them! Always and without exceptions!!!
If you have something to report, use the options we provide you. Teamspeak, Discord, Facebook and the Forums should be enough in my opinion. Take this as your yellow card. The next ban will be a permanent one.

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