TOM - Attempted baseglitching - caught inflagranti

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TOM - Attempted baseglitching - caught inflagranti

Post by ECID » Wed 29. Aug 2018, 22:50

Player: TOM
Faction: Bluefor:

Date: 2018/08/29
Time: probably 23:30 to 00:30

Last player left around 23:30 according to the tracker. Player name was "x".
Must have started right afterwards;

Logged on, found a bunch of destroyed cars (wrecks inside the base) went to investigate.
Found 2 Helicopters of TOM's INSIDE the base, seems like he glitched em in there (vehicle ID's posted below)

Found one body inside the base, right next to a car-wreck.

Went on top of the base, found another helicopter on the roof (same player) parked very, very suspeciously against a wall (basically a couple centimeters between the wall and the cockpit. ; Did hear a car approach, started to spectate it. He parks his off-road next to the wall and attempts to get out (to end up inside the wall), tries multiple times as i chat him up. Trying to get my recording software started; by the time i have it, he drives off and i kill him.
That kill was on/around 00:30 on the 30ths - AJ-time.

Vehicle ID's:
320450 - TOM
320491 - TOM
320499 - TOM

Maybe the logs can verify.

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