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Post by Marsho » Sat 12. Jan 2019, 06:06

Playing as a team on Blufor on the Armajunkies Wasteland #1, sitting in a town with another squad member minding our own business. User: Thor [AJ] , who is also on blufor get's killed by AI. Thor leaves Blufor, and rejoins soon after, but as an Independent. 5 or so minutes later, he magically shows up at the specific town the rest of the blufor were in and kills us, looting what we had. Luckily I had JUST put my money into the ATM, but I still lost all my expensive gear/weapon.

At the time of this, there were only 4-5 members playing, 4 Blufor and 1 Independant. (Until Thor suddenly changed.)

I call him out for it over Global and he leaves, re-joining 10 minutes later in an attempt to catch us getting back what gear was left.

Usually this sort of stuff wouldn't Irk me so much, but on Armajunkies, there is a lot of grinding involved in getting money, gear, decent weapons, etc, and it is rewarding when such is acquired. What isn't rewarding, is people using an unfair advantage to kill you because they knew exactly where you'd be.

I don't know the severity of what Thor [AJ] did but if anything, use this as a warning to other players reading this, don't trust him. :|

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Re: MetaGaming

Post by master » Sun 13. Jan 2019, 09:13


Of course I will take your complaint serious and speak to him about the situation. On the other hand, I know Thor for a long time and that doesnt sound to me like his style. He is an older, relaxed and polite guy with 2.000+ playing hours and is an AJ member for over four years. He knows that teamswitching is not allowed and never broke the rules before. It doesnt make sense to me but I will speak to him and give him the chance to explain himself.

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