current Base situation

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current Base situation

Post by Andinat0r » Tue 10. Sep 2019, 19:14

Dear Armajunkies Team, dear Community,

We love playing Arma and we love playing on this Server, ever since we started experiencing Arma.
This server introduced us to the vast world of wasteland and beyond, but recently the server seems to have changed.
Bases started popping up more and more.
And with the bases more and more areas which cant be traveled appeared.
Missions in or around certain towns can now not longer be completed, without being wiped directly after it.
We (RAWR) do not mind being wiped.
We do not mind being nuked by a tank from 2km away.
We do not mind being shot by a skilled sniper.
Because in theory you can counter it.

What we do mind is being shot for the Xth time from the save cover of a base.
To be utterly destroyed, no matter how good we play, becaue 4km away somebody is camping behind closed walls.
It seems to be impossible to counter that.

We believe it destroys the fun we have in this game on this server.
We believe that doing missions from your base, without any risk involved breaks the last rule:
fair fight
We hope to open a discussion and a dialogue with this copmplaint and maybe find a middleground,
because as we said above - we love playing this game and we love this server and this open commuinity.
We are looking forward to your replies


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