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Post by FrankTheTank » Sun 1. Jan 2017, 13:27

Dear all,

Now we enter 2017, a new year and a chance to start fresh.
For all of you that have had a bad year, remember that without mistakes we can not learn. It is our mistakes, our kindness and the way we treat other people that chape us. Don't let people bring you down, don't try to be normal. what you think is normal is different for someone else and what someone else think is normal is different for you. So be yourself.
NEVER look down on someone just because they are different, instead we should celebrate differentness, Its whats makes us special.

Never think that you can't do anything or can be good at anything, if you see an opportunity, TAKE IT! The worst thing that can happen is that you fail, but you will learn something from it. Talk to the girl/boy you like, do the thing you allays wanted but has never had the courage to do, and always speak your mind. Never be afraid of that people will get angry at you just because you have a different opinion, Its your opinion and it matters, they don't like it? fuck em. It will make you stronger as a person and it will help you to grow inside.

And remember to be kind to your fellow human beings. We are stronger together, people that only gives you hate probably hates them self more or are just jealous, show them that you are stronger.

I don't know most you reading this, but i love you. Remember to spread the love and have a Happy new year!

All the best, Frank

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Re: 2017

Post by master » Mon 2. Jan 2017, 08:31

Well said, Frank! We love you, too! :)
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Re: 2017

Post by redfield » Mon 30. Jan 2017, 20:22

Nice words! thumbs up!

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Re: 2017

Post by BabyWolf » Tue 31. Jan 2017, 16:24

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