[R|A] Base became destructable

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[R|A] Base became destructable

Post by jcordeiro » Sat 23. Mar 2019, 13:25

Good morning to every one.

Yesterday, near 23:00 German time we ( [R|A] ) were under attack, at our base, by several groups at the same time.

Every thing was fine until someone (admin or hacker) removed the undesctructablility of our base. After that, parts of our base started to lose durability. With some grenades exploding at our base some blocks were destroyed.

I am conviced that this cannot be a result of some bug for the following reasons:
  • It did not happened near a server restart or shutdown.
  • Last base unlock/lock happened 3 restarts before.
  • The events happened during a base attack.
  • 2 military towers on the same base got removed the previews day(probably using the same "hack")
  • Never heard of a bug that could destroy concrete blocks (floor blocks)
With 2 nights with the same "bug/hack" happening it is clear to us that someone does not like the fact that we placed a military tower on our base.

I would like to request the admins to investigate what happened.

Here are some screenshots:


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Re: [R|A] Base became destructable

Post by master » Sun 24. Mar 2019, 10:15


I destroyed a large military tower with an At-rocket and as I told you, these towers were always destructable. Btw: My members have between 2.000 and 10.000 playing hours. Do you really think that we need to use Admin-tools or that we would have fun using them after so many hours and years? You guys are always complaining about this and that and we always try to be fair and help you and now i spent enough of my freetime on you. For blaming my team, ill give you a three days break. You now have time to check the different construction-objects and the possibility of destroying them in the editor.

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Re: [R|A] Base became destructable

Post by jcordeiro » Sun 24. Mar 2019, 13:49

If you read the text properly and look into the images provided you will notice that I am not only talking about the tower.

Will you also say that the concrete block (commonly used to do the floors) is also destructible?

If not, have I the right to express my complain?

To me, it is clear that something out of the normal happened to my base.
Only 2 types of ppl can do unnormal things on the server.

I had servers before, of my own, on several games. As a admin, I would do the best to keep gameplay balanced. I would find normal and even morally correct if you were to actively keep the game balanced.

So I asked you here and ingame (also on ts to another admin) if you guys were responsible for this.
Its not an accusation. Its a question.

If the answer is "NO" then I am reporting a hack on my base.

I apologize for any wording that could be miss interpreted as a insult or aggression.
But I won't apologize for the question.

I hope you can remove this pointless ban and investigate this issue.

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