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New Map

Post by highlordlolnir » Mon 29. Jul 2019, 21:23


Will there be a server for the new map?


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Re: New Map

Post by NasserHund » Tue 13. Aug 2019, 06:33

Currently there is only a discussion about it :)
But to be honest: The chances are low
In my opinion the towns look like a exact copy of arma2/dayZ and in combination with the relatively low player base of arma3, we currently do not plan to invest a lot of resources in crafting another Armajunkies Wasteland Mission for this map.

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Re: New Map

Post by BobitoFinito » Tue 13. Aug 2019, 09:05

New maps always attract new and old players. Also Livonia is like DayZ for Arma3 players, so we could source some players of the Dayz player base. :)

AJs Wasteland mission is my absolute favorite, so i would love to play it on the new map. But also i understand, that it's a lot of work to adapt the mission on a new map and create a server for it.

Just my input. :)

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