Good bye Exile – Welcome Tanoa Wasteland

From: Project Lead
To: AJ Exile Users // AJ Wasteland Users
Info: Exile Server will be shut down in 10 Days // AJ Tanoa Wasteland announced

Hi Junkies,

We are very sorry to announce the shut-down of the Armajunkies Exile Server on June 25th. The AJ Exile Server started as a side project of our popular Wasteland Servers. Now the Apex-Update is going to be released in a few weeks and we need the server-capacity for the new Wasteland instance. Here is the answer to the question many of you were asking us the last days:

Of course we will host an AJ Wasteland Tanoa Mission based on A3!!!

We are already working on it and we are looking forward to release it on the same day as the Apex Update goes live.

This is what you´ll get in the future:
#1 AJ Altis Wasteland
#2 AJ 1944 Iron Front Wasteland
#3 AJ Stratis Wasteland HC
#4 AJ Tanoa Wasteland