Happy new year! #2017

Happy new Year, dear Junkies!!!

Welcome to 2017, awesome AJ-Community! We hope you all are fine and wish you a very good start and all the best for the new year.

We appreciate the feedback and input, you are posting in our Forums. Our modders used the holidays to do a fantastic job by fixing bugs, implement new stuff and your / our ideas. You can see the whole change-log down below.

As another christmas-gift, we already presented you our new #2 instance. Dont forget to check out AJ #2 Chernarus Wasteland!!!

– AJWL-137 – Added 7 new Missions and tweaked old missions
– AJWL-135 – Added 5 new Outposts
– Added Forest Missions on all our Servers
РAJWL-126 Tanks Missiledamage erh̦hen Рist jetzt bei 2-3 Missiles bei MBT von vorne (Schaden durch Rakete am Panzer)
– AJWL-125 Add reloadable Smokescreens to Tanks, APCs and Boats (Turn off motor and pay a small sum of money)
– AJWL-131 Bank Account Limit – Blufor (300,000)
– AJWL-133 – Changed Pyrgos Territory C
– AJWL-132 – Added Special Purpose Helmet to Teargas Helmets
– AJWL-119 – Reenabled R3F Towing (Das Towing System wurde wieder durch das ursprüngliche ersetzt, da dies performanter ist)
– Changed some prices in different kind of stores
– Changes to object integration and movement