Tank DLC

Hey Junkies,

the Tank DLC will be released tomorrow and therefore a lot of changes will be enrolled today! Here a short overview for you:

  • [Added] Tanks DLC Stuff
  • [Added] 3rd column in vehicle store for parts
  • [Added] Smoke launchers to armored driver/gunner seats
  • [Added] Xian Unarmed
  • [Added] BIG and ANGRY choppers to heli missions
  • [Changed] All hidden vehicle paintjobs now available
  • [Changed] Some store prices
  • [Changed] Disabled Reload Smokescreen
  • [Changed] Flares Implementation
  • [Changed] Disabled Reload Flares
  • [Fixed] Some Money Exploits
  • [Fixed] Some Towing Errors
  • [Fixed] Some errors with selling statics
  • [Fixed] Therminal Image for packed UAVs now disabled
  • [Fixed] Mortar resupply bugs
  • [Fixed] Selling of laser designators
  • [Fixed] More money exploits[Fixed] Other minor changes and fixes

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