Tank DLC

Hey Junkies,

das Tank DLC steht vor der Tür und damit kommen wieder tolle Veränderungen in unserer Mission. Das Tank DLC wird im Laufe dieses Tages veröffentlicht. Wir sind bereit! Hier ein kurzer Überblick:

  • [Added] Tanks DLC Stuff
  • [Added] 3rd column in vehicle store for parts
  • [Added] Smoke launchers to armored driver/gunner seats
  • [Added] Xian Unarmed
  • [Added] BIG and ANGRY choppers to heli missions
  • [Changed] All hidden vehicle paintjobs now available
  • [Changed] Some store prices
  • [Changed] Disabled Reload Smokescreen
  • [Changed] Flares Implementation
  • [Changed] Disabled Reload Flares
  • [Fixed] Some Money Exploits
  • [Fixed] Some Towing Errors
  • [Fixed] Some errors with selling statics
  • [Fixed] Therminal Image for packed UAVs now disabled
  • [Fixed] Mortar resupply bugs
  • [Fixed] Selling of laser designators
  • [Fixed] More money exploits[Fixed] Other minor changes and fixes

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