Update July 14th – Tanoa Wasteland Server

Hi Junkies!

First of all we´d like to thank you for the awesome Feedback to the new AJ Tanoa Wasteland Server. Some small bugs are still there even if we were good prepared for the launch but our team cares already, so they will be fixed soon. Bohemia is working on a Performance.Exe , so the FPS-Drops will be fixed in the next days.
Our modders did an awesome job again and a new, big Mission-Update went live yesterday. We implemented many features that were requested by our users so we have to say again “Thank you very much” for all the ideas, the input and even the criticism. On this way you all help to let the mission grow and become better and to keep us motivated.
Here the changes of yesterdays Update:

– Added private parking by micovery
– Added private storage by micovery
– Added vactions by micovery
– Added vehicle ownership
– Added vehicle locking and lockpicking
– Added vehicle selling
– Added mine saving
– Added resupply trucks
– Added CH View Distance by Champ-1
– Added bottom-right map legend and shortened some markers
– Added headless server cleanup
– Added UAV side persistence
– Static designators now available to indies
– Changed some store prices

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