We are back!

Hey Armajunkies,

we are back again! Some of you, were able to read our WhatHadHappened Post yesterday. Within 24 hours our hoster responded to our summary of acts, changed the hard drives and installed a new operating system. We regret that we first had to put a summary of our actions online to get our hoster to do a hardware exchange for us.

All the more we are glad that we were able to make a agreement (due to this agreement, we have decided to take our recent summary offline) with our hoster in the last instance and hope that this was a regrettable individual case. Thanks to a night shift – in exchange for a lot of sleep – from our server administrators, all servers are now online again and linked to our database. There has never been any loss of player data.

We have noticed, that some players send us some money to help us! Thanks a lot for your donation! We really appreciate that! We wish you lots of fun on Altis, Malden, Stratis and Tanoa!

See you on Altis!

Staynex & The Management of Armajunkies.de