About us

25. January 2016

“Ahu” and Welcome on Armajunkies.de

 We are a german Arma3-Community and want to want to present ourselves shortly:


Our profile:

The community was founded in March 2013 and open for everyone with the age of 16+. we are a German-speaking community and if you wanna join us, visit us on Ts3.Armajunkies.de . We´re always happy when new recruits get in contact with us and our supporters will help you out if there are problems and questions. Even new Arma-Players are welcome and our Supporters will give you a full description about our Wasteland-Mods and the best game of the world.


Of course, we have some rules:

  • Cheating, Bugusing and Hacking is not allowed. You will receive an instant permanent ban if you run into our detection.
  • Excessive Base-Building is not allowed and will be punished!
  • Only one permanent Base per Team is allowed. All others will be deleted without warning.
  • Roadkilling is not allowed and can be punished! Avengement and punishment are on Admins decision.
  • Kamikaze is not allowed and can be punished! Avengement and punishment are on Admins decision.
  • We want polite and fair users. Insults and rude behavior will bring you an instant ban.
  • Political and religious statements are not allowed and will be punished. 
  • Do not promote external servers in the chat or you will receive a permanent ban without warning. 
  • Its not allowed to discuss Admin-Decisions in the Chat. Contact us via the Forum.
  • Keep the Global and Side channels in German/English!
  • Moving Base-elements to obstruct the line of fire is forbidden.
  • Please remember: We do NOT care about the emotions of our users. We do not care if you had a bad day, your job sucks or if the whole world is against you. Be polite on our servers – always!
  • If you don’t like the Armajunkies Services, you are free to leave. Cheap Propaganda against Armajunkies and / or our servers will be punished instantly.
  • You need to be 16+ to play on our servers. Users under the Age of 16 will be banned.
  • Our golden rule: FAIR PLAY!