Armajunkies Ironfront 1944 Wasteland

From: Project Lead To: AJ Wasteland Users Info: Armajunkies Ironfront 1944 Wasteland   Hi Junkies! As a little surprise for the weekend, we just made live the #2 Server. The Mission “Ironfront 1944” brings you to the polish province of Baranow, just into the horrors of World War II. The mission is based on A3[…]

Armajunkies EXILE!

Hi Junkies, our modders worked on a new project over the last few weeks with the working title “Project Epsilon”. After numerous tests we´re now at the point to launch the server now and make it official. We proudly present: Armajunkies Exile Similar to Wasteland, Exile is an Open World Survival-Mod. As a convict you[…]

Arma 3 Birthday – 3 years

Hi Junkies! On Saturday, March 5rd 2016, Arma 3 is celebrating its 3.Birthday. On March 5rd 2013 the early Alpha was released on Steam and I bought the game directly on the first day. Until that day I just played Operation Flashpoint 10 years ago but never played a game of the Arma-series before. Now,[…]

New Webserver & Website

Hi Junkies, our website, including the forum, moved to a new webserver. During the relocation, we decided us for a modern design of the website. We hope you enjoy it! Also, since the domain was moved, it can still cause problems with old DNS entries during the next few days. However, these should be updated soon.[…]