Arma 64 Bit & Capture Zone Changes

Hi Junkies!

After waiting for a very long time, the day finally came last week. The 64 Bit Version of Arma went live in the Stable Branch. Because of our awesome modders and the help of the A3 Wasteland Team, the changeover was done in a very short time without any problems. The most of our users experienced a nice performance-Boost and even the “3 FPS Bug” is fixed with the update. If anyone should have problems, feel free to contact our support. We┬┤ll help you fast and competent.
This weekend we started a field-test with the capture zones. The rewards for holding the zones are now based upon the own Team-Size and the amount of users on the server. This prevents farming on empty instances and cooperations between different teams. Feedback is always very helpful. Here is the Link to the Forum-Discussion:
We would like to thank you again for almost 200.000 registered users and all your Feedback and collaboration!

See you on Altis!!!